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Healthiest Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

Of course, all drugs have side effects; the goal is to find a therapy that works for you and has side effects that you can live with.

If you are searching for a healthy way to consume cannabis, here are a few things to consider:

· Smoking is probably one of the least healthy ways to consume anything. There are two basic problems with smoking: the heat and the by-products. To smoke a substance, you have to burn it; but burning is a chemical process that produces waste products such as tar. Inhaling very hot air is dangerous to your throat and lungs. These organs are lined by mucous membranes that are meant to remain moist. Extremely hot air dries them out and causes irritation. Once the mucous membrane is dry, it can be easily damaged and allow infections to set in.

· Vaporizing is similar to smoking, but the moist vapor is not as hot as smoke, and it does not damage mucous membranes. It is also purer than smoke because it is not burning the cannabis and creating waste products

· Edibles and beverages are also relatively healthy ways to consume cannabis. Marijuana is not particularly acidic or difficult to digest, and the relatively small quantities you consume in edibles and beverages are not damaging to your digestive system. Caution should be taken with edibles because they tend to come in large doses. Always try just a piece of the cookie and wait for the effects to kick in before consuming more.

· Topical medication methods are healthy because it allows you to focus on one area of localized pain without using cannabis in your whole system. Topicals only affect the area where they are applied, and the relief is long-lasting. If you are dealing with a small area of localized pain, topical use of marijuana is the healthiest application.

The health benefits of marijuana were only recently discovered and are still being understood my medical science. However, we do know cannabis is a plant that can improve the health profile of many people who previously had no hope of living comfortably. That means the healthiest way to consume cannabis, no matter which actual method you use, is to take it for healing.

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